A voice for vapers

Vapers In Power was created over fears that were confirmed when Article 20 section 5 was added to the TPD, a clause that could forbid the promotion of vaping . These proposals could affect Vaping forums, TV and Radio Stations, Vapemeets, advertising, etc.

We consider a registered political party with a manifesto could deter any such moves by the European Union or the UK government before they happen.  We also believe that should it then happen we will be well placed to confront such an abuse, with our status as a registered political party.

Rather than use our own words here, please read the extract from the "Guidelines on Political Party Regulation" below by OSCE and ODIHR, which was "Adopted by the Venice Commission at its 84th Plenary Session Venice, 15–16 October 2010"

"Fundamental Rights Given to Political Parties"

"11. Freedom of association is the central right that governs the functioning of political parties. A set of recognized universal, European and other regional treaties has given the right to full exercise of free association, including for the formation of political associations, to all individuals.

3 The European Court of Human Rights has also recognized the inherent relationship between freedom of association and its interdependent rights of freedom of expression, opinion and assembly.

Although applicable international, European and other regional treaties conceptualize such rights as relevant to the individual, it is the free exercise of association itself that allows these protections to be extended to parties as a representative body of protected individuals. As such, groups of individuals choosing to associate themselves as a political party must also be awarded the full protection of related rights.

The rights of free association, expression and assembly may only be limited where necessary in a democratic society. A number of useful, non-binding recommendations on how these fundamental rights can be protected can be found in recommendations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and guidelines and opinions adopted by the Venice Commission."


Together we can be so much more


Our main aim has been achieved: vapers now have a registered political voice. With your help we can take this so much further.

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