Candidate South Wales Central


A voice for vapers


Bernice Evans ... Cardiff

Bernice is our candidate for South Wales Central

Bernice Evans


D.O.B: 15.04.1965


Location: Cardiff, Glamorgan


Occupation: HR Manager


Bernice started vaping sometime in 2011 and stopped smoking immediately.  Finding the vaping community on social media gave Be the opportunity to learn about other people's vaping journeys and guided hers. The common bond between vapers is surprisingly strong.


When Bernice realised the potentially devastating impact of the Tobacco Products Directive she was determined to ensure that vapers voices could be heard. She knew from personal experience that the media reports which slammed vaping were false.


Bernice is determined to use her voice, time and money as weapons in the war against vaping;  a war which is being fought on behalf of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries and to protect government coffers.  


"Every time a smoker sees bad publicity about vaping  the chances of them trying it is diminished. I want every smoker to have the chance to try vaping and get the information, advice and guidance to ensure they don't have to go it alone.“