Calls to action

Call to Action:   A Billion Lives

How you can help to ensure the A Billion Lives screenings happen:

  1. Book a ticket to see A Billion Lives  (link to showings). A minimum number of tickets needs to be reserved for a screening for it to go ahead. If you would like to book a ticket to ensure that ABL will get shown but can’t  attend yourself then please let us know (email and we will do our best to get your ticket to someone who can attend.  Or how about offering a ticket to your GP?
  2. Call into your local vendors to encourage them to buy tickets. Show them the trailer (link to trailer). You could use  to find local B+M's.  

Here's a short sample email you could adapt  if you can't visit them in person:

Dear ( vendor name),

A Billion Lives is showing near you, at (place) on (date). A Billion Lives is a documentary film about vaping: a film which should be seen by anyone who vapes or smokes (and especially by those who influence the lives of those who vape or smoke). Here’s a link to a short trailer.  I hope to see you there;  and please consider buying extra tickets to hand out to customers and anyone who might need persuading.

Best wishes,



Call to Action 13 Feb 2016

Calling all VAPERS, from every country and every nationality.

Help stop the ban of vaping in public places in Wales.

We all know that politicians generally prefer to receive communication from their constituents, but just once in a while we need to ignore that. This is one of those times.

Below is a list of Welsh politicians and their contact details. These are some of the politicians that are most likely to effect the outcome of stage 3 on the 8th of March, and the vote on March the 15th.

What we are asking you to do is adopt one. Send them a letter an email or a tweet (or all 3) and tell them about YOUR vaping story. If you are in the industry tell them how a ban would effect YOU in your country.

Keep it short, be polite, and tell them where you live.

Elin Jones - Ceredigion
Office Address:
32 Pier Street
SY23 2LN

Leanne Wood – South Wales Central
Office Address:
68 Heol Pontypridd
CF39 9PL

Alun Ffred Jones – Arfon
Office Address:
8 Castle Street
LL55 1SE

Rhodri Glyn Thomas – Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Office Address:
37 Wind Street
SA18 3DN

Lindsay Whittle – South Wales East
Office Address:
2 Portland Buildings
Commercial Street

Rhun ap Iorwerth – Ynys Môn
Office Address:
27 Church Street
Ynys Môn
LL77 7DU

Simon Thomas – Mid and West Wales
Office Address:
Ty Bres
Heol Bres
SA15 1UA

Bethan Jenkins – South Wales West
Office Address:
75 Briton Ferry Road
Melin Cryddan
SA11 1AR

Llyr Gruffydd – North Wales
Office Address:
69A Clwyd Street
LL15 1HN

Jocelyn Davies – South Wales East
Office Address:
1 Griffiths Building
Victoria Terrace
NP11 4ET

Edwina Hart
Office Address:
9 Pontardulais Road

Gwenda Thomas
Office Address:
7 High Street

William Graham – South Wales East
Office Address:
19A East Street
NP20 4BR

Christine Chapman - Cynon Valley
Office Address:
Bank Chambers
28a Oxford Street
Mountain Ash
CF45 3EU

Janice Gregory - Ogmore
Office Address:
44a Penybont Road
CF35 5RA

Huw Lewis - Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Office Address:
Venture Wales Building
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 4DR

Jeff Cuthbert - Caerphilly
Office Address:
Bargoed YMCA
Aeron Place
CF81 8JA

Dame Rosemary Butler - Newport West
Office Address:
72 Caerau Road
NP20 4HJ

Sandy Mewies - Delyn
Office Address:
Transport House
64 Chester Street


Call to Action 09 October 2015

Three things you can do this week to help keep vaping free.

1. The proposed ban on vaping in public spaces and work environments in Wales is strongly opposed by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Whatever your politics their petition is something we should all be supporting. Let's each find them 3 new signatures this week.

2. Here is a link to surveys collating data on real vapers, their lives and attitudes, have you done them?

3. ASH UK are gradually becoming more supportive of vaping, but they still seem to think the TPD Article 20 is a good idea ( We know they are wrong. If we don't tell them, who will?


Snail Mail: 6th Floor, Suites 59-63, New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Twitter: @ASH_LDN


Call to Action 02 October 2015

Three things you can do this week to help keep vaping free of stupid regulations:

1. Make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about this ad: This Totally Wicked blog details what is so very wrong with it: You can make your complaint to ASA here:

2. Write a letter to your local newspaper highlighting the economic consequences of Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive. Local papers are often short of letters to publish – and politicians do read their local papers. As it stands most vaping shops will close down once Article 20 is transposed into law, and each shop closing could represent at least 4 local jobs that would be lost. Use this map of vaping shops: (compiled by the AAEC forum) and the Ecig Directory to help calculate how many jobs will be lost in your local area.

3. Record a video message to your local politician explaining how vaping has helped you and why excessive regulations and indoor vaping bans are ridiculous. Here’s one which Rhydian Mann prepared earlier regarding Article 20 and the proposed Welsh government ban on vaping in public spaces: We would love to put your video on our Vapers in Power youtube channel – you can email it to us at info@vapersinpower, or tweet it to @vapers when it’s done.


Call to Action 26 September 2015

  3 actions you can take this week to help vaping

  1.  Sign this petition - if it reaches 10,000 signatures then the UK government has to respond.  There can only be one UK Government and Parliament petition per subject so we need to sign this one!

2.  Get to London to the Department of Health in Whitehall for 11am next Tuesday for the handover of the Legal Challenge
( supporters list. 
Sign up for the Thunderclap from @vapers to support the Challenge ( and share it via Facebook
and/or Twitter.

  1.  Say thank you to Public Health England for their landmark review (, which found that e-cigs are 95% safer than smoking and do help smokers to quit.  This thank you letter from Denmark might help:

Letters can be emailed to:


Call to Action 18 September 2015


Three things you can do to help vaping this week:

1. September 9th saw the second All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on e-cigarettes convene at Westminster. Six MPs attended. Was yours one of them?
The next meeting takes place on the 2nd of December - ask your MP to attend. Now is the time to ask - before their diaries get booked up.

2. The Article 20 Legal Challenge supporters list will be handed over at the Department of Health in Whitehall, London on Tuesday 29 September at 11am. As many vapers as possible need to attend. If you are part of a vaping organisation bring a banner. We need to show that it isn't just one company that objects to the TPD, but every single right-minded person. Bring the family and make a day of it!

3. Here are a few contact details for Heidi Alexander, the new Shadow Health Secretary.
With her new appointment, now would be a good time to find out where she stands on ecigs and give her some of the pertinent information she’s missing (if the actions of her colleagues in Wales are anything to go by!).


Call to Action 28 August 2015


3 things you can do this week to help keep vaping free.

1. Sign this brilliant petition challenging the government to reassess the introduction of the TPD article 20 in light of the recent report on vaping by the PHE

2. Industry led regulation is one way of ensuring that vaping continues to meet the needs of the community. BSI PAS 54115 is now available and it is specific to e cigs and e-liquids The best thing about this BSI PAS is that it is VOLUNTARY. Suggest this PAS to your local vendors and if they aren't sure, ask them to watch this

3. Add your story to the growing worldwide collection. This week there are threads on forums, on facebook, on Twitter and on our blog asking for your vaping story. These will be added to an international database of vaping stories. Our stories are one of our most powerful weapons. Tell the world how you became a vaper.

I have attached it in notepad form without formatting



Two actions you can take to help keep vaping working (and free from excessive regulation):

1. The Public Health England e-cigarettes evidence update came out this week and got A LOT of media attention - it was widely reported that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than combusted cigarettes (YAY!) Send the Public Health England report to your MP (Write to Them: makes this easy) and anyone else who needs convincing. Point them to the executive summary on pages 7-13 so they don't think they are being asked to read the whole thing.

2. No worries if you haven’t responded to the Department of Health Tobacco Products Directive Consultation and the Welsh government consultation on the Public Health (Wales) Act - you still have time. Misteliquid have a very informative blog post with links to the TPD consultation and to the Vapers in Power walkthrough:
eCig Directory UK have an excellent page too –it also includes links to the Welsh consultation and the ViP walkthrough for Wales:


Call to Action 14 August 2015

Three things you can do this week to help keep vaping free.

1. The New Nicotine Alliance is a UK charity that is increasingly effective in the fight against vaping bans. So successful in fact that they have been joined by a new organisation, NNA Australia. Sign up as a supporter of NNA AU and help get the Australian team off to a good start.

2. It is essential that we keep up to date with the science, the bans and the media coverage of vaping. We can't fight the battles unless we know they are happening. Subscribe to 'In the News' from This is our news outlet, don't let them pull the wool over your eyes.

3. Public Health is going too far, their role should be education, yet increasingly they are looking to ban and restrict products to force people to live healthier lifestyles. Sign up to this site to help fight for free choice. The food we eat, what we drink and whether we smoke or vape should be a personal choice, not a matter for the government or the police.

The latest demon-brainchild is a ban on smoking in pub gardens. This needs to be STOPPED! Tell your landlord and every smoker you know what this band of prohibitionists have in store for them.


Call to Action 7 August 2015

3 ways to help vaping this week

1. Join Vapers in Power as a fully signed up member of our communities own political party. If you are attending Vapefest you can collect your membership card in person, if you can't make it you can find details on our website:

2. Go to Vapefest, not only can you meet up with the community and get to know fellow advocates, you can visit the Vapers in Power tent where there are talks by Welsh Vapers who have met MP's, NNA, VIRI, Simon Clark from FOREST and Dick Puddlecote.

3. If you can't make it to Vapefest why not write down your vaping story and save it in a file. We'd like to include these on our blog (, if your happy for us to do that please email it to . That's not the point of this one though, the point is that our stories are what sway politicians the most. Unfortunately our reasoned arguments are too easily dismissed in the land of power and lobbying, where each side can cite “science” and where vague concerns carry as much weight as hard results from the real world. Having your story already written out makes it easy to send to politicians and cut and paste to comments should the need arise.


Call to Action 31 July 2015

Three ways to support vaping this week:

1. The Scottish consultation (which is about how ecigs should be sold in Scotland) ends on Wednesday 5th August. The easy way to participate is here: The thorough way is here: .

2. The New Nicotine Alliance (, stalwart defenders of our right to vape in the way we see fit, are selling wristbands to partly cover some of their travelling expenses. A pretty natty Vapefest accessory:

3. Last Friday, the Policy and Public Affairs officer of the Welsh NHS Confederation ( published this article: It repeats the tired old tropes of the ANTZ, along with some far-out claims. We think that if they got some emails from vapers (to, or tweets (@WelshConfed) POLITELY expressing an alternative, personal view, it might back up some of the excellent comments raised on the article.


Call to Action 24 July 2015

Two ways to help vaping this week:

This week, we're revisiting two previous Call to Actions. A few of you may have completed both, in which case please help by sharing this post.

Vaping is under threat worldwide – at Vapers in Power we believe that the fight to save vaping is an international one, and that when vapers act together, every country benefits.

So, we're reaching out to Western Australia, to give a boost to the vapers there where the sale of mods and nicotine liquid is illegal.

1. Donate something to Vince van Heerden's crowdfund to help pay his legal costs as the small ex-business owner battles the state authorities that have used the law intended to ban candy cigarettes to ban ecigs. If you are unfamiliar with his story you can read it in the crowdfunding link below – its a shocker. The Western Australians have done amazingly, but are still short of the money they need to pay for their appeal. Any donation, no matter how small will help revitalize them as they prepare for the case in the Autumn.

2. Sign and share this petition – don't let the Aussies get battle weary! Send them some vaper-love and remind them that they are not in this alone.

Thank you.


Call to Action 17 July 2015

3 things you can do this week to help keep vaping free

  1. Do this “controlling e-cigarettes and restricting smoking in parts of hospital grounds” survey (it forms part of the consultation for the Scottish Health Bill). One of the proposals is to ban vaping in hospital grounds. The deadline is the 5th August - please move fast!’s the link for the longer consultation documents too:…/CurrentCommi…/91073.aspx
  2. Tasmania is also consulting – and the deadline is next Friday. This is a global fight and we need to support one another. Anyone from anywhere can submit evidence for this:…/Electronic_cigarettes_discuss…
  3. Help to redress the balance and sort out the “cesspit of antz propaganda “on Wikipedia - become an editor. Read Fergus Mason’s excellent guidance here:



Call to Action 10 July 2015

2 ways to help keep vaping free

Only two this week – because they're BIG! And extremely important for the ongoing success of vaping in enriching people's lives in the UK. Please have a go – even if it isn't something you normally do – lots of responses to these will affect how the authorities view ecigs.

1. The TPD, its here, and the Government is consulting on it (

Here is a walkthrough which should help to get your opinion counted:

2. The Welsh ban on vaping in enclosed public spaces, the Health & Social Care Committee have released a call for evidence (

Here's a walkthrough:

p.s. If you'd like to suggest improvements to the walkthroughs please email us at


Call to Action 3 July 2015

Three actions you can take this week to help keep vaping free.

1. It has been revealed that Welsh Labour are plotting to extend their proposed ban on vaping in enclosed public places to outside play areas - and even hospital grounds!

There are an estimated 100,000 vapers in Wales - yet this petition only has 2,300 signatures.

You don’t need to live in Wales to sign - Sign it (if you haven’t already) and spread it as far and wide as you can, ask your local vape shop to start collecting signatures. All it takes is a laptop or tablet and the link:

2. The Article 20 Legal Challenge is still woefully short of signatures too – especially from countries outside the UK. This could bring down the TPD – why oh why have so few people signed it?

Help to turn this round. Pass this sign up page onto as many people as possible – vaping is a worldwide phenomenon and vapers are a worldwide community. Let's get everyone in on this action.

3. Visit Rome on 7th July (this Tuesday) to protest against the Italian government’s outrageously high tax on ecigs and the pernicious influence of Philip Morris International.

If you can't get to Rome then tweet to support the action– use #nonsiamofumo #WeAreNotSmoke


Call to Action 26 June 2015

Three actions you can take this week to help keep vaping free:

1. Take the worldwide Vaping Truth Survey and tell the world about your vaping habits - having this data will help to counter some of the rubbish which is regularly spouted

2. Sign up as a supporter of the New Nicotine Alliance – and encourage other vapers to sign up too. The NNA works fantastically hard for us behind the scenes – and can be even more influential with your support

3. Sign this US petition to reject the FDA’s proposed deeming regulations - which seek to classify vaping products as tobacco products:


Call to Action 19 June 2015

Three ways you can help vaping survive this week:

1. It looks like there won't be a ban on vaping in public places in England . Write to the Department of Health to thank them for this fantastic decision, why not include in your message why ecigs work for you? Use this form:

2. Haven Holidays need to know why this sign is so so wrong - you could tweet (@haven), contact them via facebook ( or use their live chat ( Or, dare we suggest it, all three?

3. The Lib Dem "Stop Welsh Labour's e-cigs ban" needs a lot more signatures - Get 3 friends or family members to sign it:


Call to Action 12 June 2015

Two ways you can help vaping this week.

1. Sign the Liberal Democrats' petition against the Welsh ban on vaping in enclosed public spaces

2. The Welsh Vaping Ban is not a done deal - there are still several hurdles for it to cross before it becomes law - details of which can be seen in this briefing by the NNA:

Use these handy documents to send the message to the Assembly Members of Wales that this bill has no basis in science and would be detrimental to public health. Details of their snail mail, email,Facebook and Twitter addresses are included. Building Blocks for a Letter to members of the Welsh Parliament: Useful Links: Welsh Assembly Members:

Two ways you can help vaping this week.

1. Sign the Liberal Democrats' petition against the Welsh ban on vaping in enclosed public spaces

2. The Welsh Vaping Ban is not a done deal - there are still several hurdles for it to cross before it becomes law - details of which can be seen in this briefing by the NNA:

Use these handy documents to send the message to the Assembly Members of Wales that this bill has no basis in science and would be detrimental to public health. Details of their snail mail, email,Facebook and Twitter addresses are included. Building Blocks for a Letter to members of the Welsh Parliament: Useful Links: Welsh Assembly Members:


Call to Action 05 June 2015

Three things you can do to help vaping this week:

1. Sign this petition to disband the MHRA, a body that actively assists the pharmaceutical industry in putting profits before health.

2. Consider donating to the fund to incorporate #NOTBlowingSmoke as a non-profit company, allowing them to expand and legitimise their actions in vaping advocacy. If you can’t donate then please share it as far and wide as possible

3. How do you think vaping advocacy in the UK should be proceeding? Have you got any thoughts on how to reach the parts that are currently not being reached? It doesn't matter how big or small, pop your ideas in an email and send them to


Call to Action 29 May 2015

Four things you can do to help vaping this week

1. The New Nicotine Alliance (UK), a registered charity, needs your support to be influential in guiding public health and policy makers to ensure harm reduction from cigarette smoking is still a valid option for the many. They need *your* support:

2. The Australian vaping community is hindered by one fact, nicotine needs to be imported. This petition asks the Australian Federal Parliament to lift this restriction to allow vaping and tobacco harm reduction to flourish. Add your voice to show the Australian Parliament that this is a large, widespread issue -

3. Western Australia has ruled that no vapour products are allowed to be sold, but traditional NRT and cigarettes are allowed. This is disproportionate and needs to be brought to the attention of the WA Health Minister. Help our Australian brothers and sisters legalise the sale of vapour products and promote harm reduction -

4. The Netherlands are asking the European Chemicals Agency to reclassify Nicotine as a Class 1 toxin. This will make it far more difficult for e-liquids to be manufactured, imported or sold. There is currently an open consultation for comments. Be concise when you comment, ask your e-liquid manufacturers to comment, ask your vendors to comment. The more comments received the greater the chance the reclassification will be stopped.


Call to Action 22 May 2015

Three things you can do to help vaping this week:

1) Make hundreds, maybe thousands of voices heard across social media and reach thousands of followers to raise awareness for our protests. Add your name to the Thunderclap -

2) Do you have a local vendor or two? Get them to spread the word about the Just Say No protests in Swansea and London. Our voices need to be heard! Download and print the PDF poster

3) Print a copy of this form and ask your friends and family to add their support when you see them over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Completed forms need posting to: Totally Wicked, Stancliffe Street, Blackburn, BB2 2QR, United Kingdom.


Call to Action 15 May 2015

It's Friday, it's five to five, it's Crackerjack!

If you recognise that then you're definitely old enough to be a vaper!
Friday means it's time for this week’s Vapers In Power Call to Action. No emailing MPs or the like this week, but still 3 valuable things you can do to help keep vaping alive and kicking. If you can't participate yourself then please spread the word to your social contacts.

1. Experiences of Vaping survey.
This one's a good 'un because there's prizes involved too!! Three iPad minis up for grabs for participants and a great way to put your voice and experience into the mix. Find out more here on Dick Puddlecote's excellent blog page:…/experiences-of-vapin…

2. This excellent University of East London study needs participants – can you help find some? Vapers study on nicotine absorption.…/UEL study_zpsfw8maccn.jpg.…

3. Plan to attend the London or Swansea European Vapers Protests on May 29th at 2pm or plan a protest in a different location. Share this image as far and wide as possible (you could email and tweet it to vendors)…/Come and make your v…


Call to Action 07 May 2015 - Election Special

Three things you can do to help vaping this week:

1. Complete this short, simple survey from Lynne Dawkins and researchers at the University of East Anglia:

2 Vendors, why not book a place at an ECITA Seminar? They are designed to inform and advise members of the independent Electronic Cigarette Industry on all the regulations and standards being published and implemented over the coming months.
Consumers- encourage your favourite vendor to attend.

3. Five Stop Smoking Services already actively support vaping -with a little educating you could add a sixth! Email your local Stop Smoking Service to draw their attention to the encouraging latest statistics on ecigs in NHS Stop Smoking Services:


Call to Action 01 May 2015 - Election Special

3 things you can do to help vaping this week

1. Vote in the General Election on May 7th. (If you are lucky enough to live in the Kingswood or Barnsley East constituencies you can vote for Vapers In Power candidates Liam Bryan or Billy Marsden)

2. Print off this Totally Wicked "manifesto" and stick it in the front window for the benefit of canvassers (and passers by). Use it to ask the people who want your vote where their candidate stands on the issue of jobs, the economy, SME’s and, above all, 100,000 preventable deaths per annum. Better yet - hand them a copy.

3. Email or write a letter to your local newspaper to highlight the benefits of vaping for the economy. All the #GE2015 candidates will be scrutinising the local newspapers this week – it’s a very good time to get a pro vaping letter published and the economy is a hot topic.

This Vaping and the UK Economy document and the British... has some good ideas and stats to include.

produced by Abigail Cottrill on behalf of Russell VR Ord, 3 Coleridge Rd, N12 8DH


Call to Action 24 April 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1. Signing this petition to the United States Congress – vapers of the world unite!

2. Planning to get to Swansea on May 29th – or organising an event nearer to you – this will be a European-wide day of action. European info: Details of the Swansea protest:

You won't be able to go if you are working 😉

3. Printing off these vital vaping statistics so you are ready for any uninvited guests (canvassers!) in the next two weeks: for uninvited guests.pdf?dl=0


Call to Action 17 April 2015

3 things you can do this week to help keep vaping free

1. How can you say #IvapeandIvote if you aren't registered? Where ever you are in the world please take the time to ensure you are on the electoral register. For those in the UK you can register to vote here:

2. The Vapers and Smokers Unite campaign is hotting up – today’s the start of the mailing period. So let's get those letters posted.

3. If you participated in last weeks CtA you should have some information about your local candidates' opinions on ecigs. Use this document to record any replies you received. You can fill this form out as many times as you like with any information you have on politicians' attitudes to vaping – it doesn’t have to be from last week.

If you didn’t get round to doing it last week then it isn't too late, replies are coming in thick and fast. This link has ideas for an email:


Call to Action 11 April 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1. Downloading a poster which explains what the TPD will do to vaping next year (spoiler alert – it’s bad!) Print a copy off and take it into your local vape shop – chances are they don’t know the half of it.

2. Tweet to the BBC using #BBCAskThis The BBC say that they will put a selection of the questions to candidates from all political parties. You could ask for their views on ecig regulation.

3. If enough people write to/message/email or tweet their respective General Election candidates it will raise the profile of vaping at the election, and let them know vapers' opinions on Article 20. Use YourNextMp ( to email your local General Election candidates to ask for their views on vaping. You could use our sample email for ideas - to Candidates.doc?dl=0


Call to Action 04 April 2015  (Bumper Easter Special)

We normally pick 3 - sometimes it's hard to whittle it down, sometimes we struggle to find three specific and topical things to suggest (that's quite rare though!). In honour of the double bank holiday and all that free time, we are presenting 5 actions this week. As ever, some are quick and easy, some take a bit of thought and effort. So, without further ado ...

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1) Signing this short but sweet petition to the EU:

2) Take the ECF Big Survey – it's surveys like this that give advocates ammunition in the fight against the ANTZ. The more people answer, the more powerful that ammunition is! It is a big survey (took me about 10 mins – the clue's in the title) but there is a prize draw!

3) Start thinking about attending and promoting this demo on 29th May 2015 – there's a Facebook page in the link, join it. Its only if actions like this actually happen that the TPD will be reconsidered (barring a TW win of course).

4) This one speaks for itself: but it might lead to more of this -

5) Complain to the GMC about Dr George Rae (his GMC registration number is 1327616). He featured on a radio show saying that ecigs were worse than smoking, specifically citing the presence of nitrosamines in ecigs as more likely to cause cancer than the tar from cigarettes. Actually listening to him is probably riskier than smoking a fag, so here's a transcript: Here's something from Dr Farsalinos to back up your complaint (its easy to find others): Here's some specific research about the levels of nitrosamines in ecigs (Table 2 is the biggie): This action takes the most effort, but calling out individuals like this is the steady chipping away at the mountain of ignorance that just has to be done if vaping is to prevail. You can complain (it lets you save and return) here:


Call to Action 27 March 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1) Find out who your candidates are – the site gives email addresses, which will be useful in the weeks to come! (UK only)

2) If you get an email from a vendor this week, hit reply and send them the Vapers In Power crowdfund details, its ending pretty soon and we've a long way to go!

3) Send Mark Drakeford ( this surprising and very welcome position statement on ecigs from fresh (Smoke Free North East) and Making Smoking History, it might give him pause in his attempt to ban ecigs in enclosed public spaces in Wales. p.s. Action 3 from our Call to Action from the 27th February ends on 31st March.


Call to Action 21 March 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1) Downloading the paper signature collection form from the Totally Wicked site and collecting friends, families and colleagues details then sending them to TW. The more signatures they get, the better they can demonstrate that their legal challenge is supported by consumers. Form (and address to post forms to) from this page:

2) They're facing their own challenges in the US, city by city and state by state. The mother of them all though are the FDA Deeming Regs and they need comments! See this page for the link to comment and a guide:

3) Plucky underdog Vince van Heeden (the Australian small vendor refusing to back down for the good of us all) is nearly there! The beauty of crowdfunds is that you don't have to give a large amount, it all quite literally adds up. He's being prosecuted (and being made into a test case) based on a law prohibiting the sale of cigarette sweets! Read more and donate here:


Call to Action 13 March 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by: 1) Sending Nick Clegg a message of support for his foray into the world of attys, mods and flavours: @nick_clegg ***** 2) Taking a look at the Vapers and Smokers Unite webpage - an international letter writing campaign that aims to target Health Ministers and our representatives in the week 17th-24th April: Vapers and Smokers Unite 3) Filling in our Politicians Attitudes to vaping form, with any info you know - and bookmarking it for when they come canvassing! Politicians' attitudes to vaping


Call to Action 6 March 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1. Tweet your local MP and ask them what their stance on electronic cigarettes is - if you use #vapingfree we'll be able to see your tweet and their replies.

2. Collect an email or two for the MOVE campaign - this will enable them to get in touch with many more medical professionals than they could do on their own.

3. Add your signature to this open letter to the Norwegian Health Minister to try to prevent the TPD happening there (Norway isn't "quite" in the EU, as Facebook would say: "it's complicated") - you need to write your name and email and click the confirmation email.


Call to Action 27 February 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1) Becoming a supporter of the New Nicotine Alliance - they are meeting politicians and bigwigs from PHE on our behalf, advocating for us, and if they can show they have a large number of vapers behind them, their job gets easier

2) Telling your local B&M about the Vapers Independent Retailers Initiative (VIRI) - from many of the people who brought you the EFVI in the UK, this potentially allows the smaller players in the industry to have a say

3) Completing the Public Health England consultation - this will shape how vaping is handled in public places in the UK, and vapers have been asked to contribute. Please give a vaping "organisation" you are a member of (Vapers In Power is fine) on page one!


Call to action 18 February 2015

You can help promote vaping this week by:

1. Signing the Totally Wicked petition - this will demonstrate much needed support to the legal challenge to the TPD

2. Signing the Aiduce Petition - this calls on the French government not to ratify the enabling law for the TPD

3. Asking your GP or any Health Professional you know or meet to support M.O.V.E - this will be a powerful tool to help persuade those at the coalface of healthcare that they can recommend ecigs too - IF enough health professionals are encouraged to sign it



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