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Lee Wools ... Cardiff

Lee is our candidate for Cardiff West

Lee Woolls


D.O.B: 17 Feb 1970


Location: Cardiff, Glamorgan


Lee was introduced to vaping in 2010. He and his wife used to smoke 100 cigarettes a day between them and went down to none overnight, using the second generation ego style equipment.  Lee has since upgraded to the more effective third generation products.  


Lee believes that the Welsh Government's stance is inexcusable given the solid science presented by leading charities, government bodies and public health campaigners.


Lee is standing as a candidate to ensure that information regarding vaping is factual and science-based and reaches both the public and the politicians. He believes vaping has a real prospect of reducing smoking prevalence and improving the health of the population of Wales.


“I want the people of Wales to have access to the independent, unbiased, peer reviewed science that has demonstrated, time and time again, how safe vaping is compared to smoking and that there is zero risk to bystanders.  The people of Wales need to see that neither the interests of democracy nor public health are served by effectively banning vaping.”