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Liam Bryan ... Kingswood

Liam is our Campaign manager

Liam stood for election in Kingswood, Bristol in 2015

Liam Bryan

Forum Name: blaze

Age: 42

Location: Bristol

Previous Party Affiliation: Member of the Anarchists Society at Leeds University 1989

Marital Status: Co-habiting

Employment Status: Solar PV Installer, Supply Teacher.

Email: liam@vapersinpower.co.uk

Biographical details:

Currently dividing his time between raising his two pre-school daughters, supply teaching and installing solar panels.  Liam has been a vaper since May 2013.

He has, as he has discovered more about the process involved in drafting the TPD in the corridors of Europe, gradually altered his view of the EU from a benign (if staid) bureaucracy to an organisation beset with corruption and vested interests.

Vaping is the tip of the iceberg:  the EU – perhaps our entire political process – needs root and branch reform.

Since leaving school in the mid 90s, Liam has been variously but not exclusively: Benefits Agency Admin Officer, Delivery Driver, Ice-cream Packer, Job Center signer and signee, Mail sorter, Fork-lift Driver, Park-keeper, Childrens Drama “maker” and Science Teacher.